Welcome to Ed Mouse, the Educational Mouse’s home site. No, I’m not Ed, I’m sort of like Ed’s father.

This site is meant for those who are dedicated to making education more effective and platable to today’s youth by leveraging the skills and techniques of the entertainment business. More specifically, the use of multimedia and animation to help student’s stay focused and want to learn.  Stay tuned as we pave a new path exploring this area in a new way.

I’m not an academic propounding theories and tyring to pass a review board, I”m  a practioner with a first career in synthetic graphics, a second one in video game design and development, and I’m well into my third one of educational technology.

If you are interested in an internship, there is a career page on a site affiliated with us called VocabularySpellingCity.  Here are some key free teaching resources that we have animated on that site:


Hello Animators, Educators, Multimedia Artists & Wannabees

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