Cartoon Chatacter

This cartoon character started with this Idea……

“We needed a character (not me) who represented learning in todays world.”

Not a character who would stand at the blackboard and talk and talk and talk. Nor a character who reminded kids of teachers who stand at the board and blah blah blah. (PS – Many teachers teach and never drone. But some do)

The cartoon characters job would be to represent the way that kids want to learn. We thought about exploring and maybe using a bike… the Learning Bike. I told the idea to my friends: they thought a bicycle was a terrible idea.

I made some new friends and told them about my character idea, the “Learning Bike”. They agreed with my old friends. (ie Bad Idea)I thought about it for awhile and agreed too. That was the end of the “learning bike”.

I watched some kids on the computer having fun and laughing, I decided that a learning character today had to be computer-literate.

We needed a character that would be an animated “face” for new educational services. Something that would communicate that the new service was solidly educational. But based on new media. The other message was that learning takes time. You need to commit time to education and to do so, it must be fun…

We decided to try to some character sketches….

Preschool,1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade

4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade

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